Orient Lamp |Designed by Jo Hammerborg (Lightyears)

I came across this image in an Arent & Pyke blog I was reading today – although the post was celebrating the beautiful beetle stools and chairs by GamFratesi (available through http://www.gubi.dk) – I couldn’t help but notice the copper orient lamps that I proposed for my recent residential student design project – Don’t they look amazing?!

The pendant light was designed by Danish Designer Jo Hammerborg – who was recognised for his innovative, modernist designs – in 1963. It enjoyed commercial success in the 1960’s and 1970’s the design has been revived by the Copenhagen based lighting company Lightyears and remains true to the original copper and rosewood design – love it!

Gubi GamFratesi - Arent & Pyke blog

Gubi GamFratesi – Arent & Pyke blog

orient lamp lightyears prodotti



Stefan Soderberg Stockholm apartment (pinterest)

Stefan Soderberg Stockholm apartment (pinterest)


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